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Get the ultimate theatrical and film sound design and music for your next production! You need the heart-stopping crash of thunder still the audience. A violin sting augment the creek of a cellar door, foretelling a certain doom. The cadence of the oceans waves reverberate over the actors as the wind speaks silently of their thoughts.

You need creative, professional and amazing results so you are the one getting the standing ovation!

As a Musical Composer and Sound Designer, it's my aim to create an organic soundscape that not only creates a living, breathing universe that the play, movie or video and its characters inhabit, but also manipulate those sounds to augment and drive the drama to its ultimate, satisfying, conclusion. To give it both an organic feel so as to present a sense of 'place' while also enhancing the feel of the piece that is true to the nature of the production.

In one of my recent theatrical sound design works, 'Coyote on a Fence', a play that jumps in time between a prison (representing the past) and a country bar (the present), I used sounds to smoothly transition between these two time frames. In it, I gave the prison scenes a dreamlike quality but still tried to strike and maintain a tone grounded in reality. I did this by utilizing various jail sounds; mixing clanks, echoes and voices, with complementary tonal qualities in order to highlight the emotional nuances of essential scenes.

Howard Ferre's free mp3 download or 5 Years from the debut CD Journey's End Howard Ferre's Debut CD Journey's End now available on iTunes Howard Ferre's Debut CD Journey's End for sale now on Amazon.com Howard Ferre's free mp3 download or 5 Years from the debut CD Journey's End I have brought my musical direction to a wide variety of mediums, including live performances. Over the years, I have worked with several improv comedy troupes and theatrical productions where I had to provide 'on-the-fly' musical accompaniment to the action on stage. Utilizing various tools such as piano, synthesizer and numerous percussion instruments, I had to essentially, gauge the scene, write and perform the music live, staying in sync with the actors and one step ahead of the audience.

Review of Howard Ferre theatrical sound design and music from Beirut A native to South Florida with over 25 years experience in sound design and soundtrack creation, I have worked with several local theatres in the Miami area, including: The Alliance Theatre Lab, Florida Shakespeare Theater, and Art-Act Theatre, as well as several productions in Ohio, including the Porthouse Theatre and other numerous venues in the North East Ohio region.

I was always mesmerized by how music and sound brought so much emotion to a performance. My earliest inspiration came in the second grade, when I was introduced to the organ (although I can't remember if it was a Hammond or some other brand) that was rolled into our class. As several of the sounds were being demonstrated by one of the teachers, I recall marveling at the concept of how one person can perform and compose fully orchestrated sounds all by himself. I was bitten by the bug.

Review of Howard Ferre sound design and music from theater production of The Plains Dealer Fascinated by this, I grew up with an extensive movie soundtrack collection, noting how each piece flowed to bring the action forward. Musically, I became influenced by Peter Gabriel, Arvo Part, Philip Glass, John Williams, Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. As the years went on, I accumulated a wide variety of synthesizers, samplers and recording equipment, leading up to my first true Sound Design assignment for a theatre piece that called for a sound of a person drowning. By recreating the sounds one would hear when thrashing above and under water, I was able to relay the resonance of aquatic suffocation from the point of view of the victim. I guess you can say this was the second revelation in discovering a passion for sound as well as with music.

Contact Ferre Studios for your sound design needs in south florida today Since then, I have been a fixture of the sound design industry, embracing at the growth of technology and how it has enhanced the complexity of sound production. From reel-to-reel and it's manual splicing techniques, to today's software such as Pro Tools and other various computer applications, I have enjoyed evolving with the technology that powers the craft of sound design, music composition and musical direction that I love so much.

Howard Ferre is a BMI composer
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